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People take machine learning challenges here. They solve problems, win prizes, find jobs and make contacts. This is open science platform.

Home of Data scientists

Large community of data scientists compete to build the most accurate, data driven algorithms and solve your most valuable problems.

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Challenges for academic institutions, research, and industry. Competitions based on almost any type of data: numerical, text, media or mixed formats.

SciCup. What is that for?

The community of data scientists compete to solve most valuable problems.
The challenge

Why machine learning?

Many organizations don't have access to the machine learning that provides the maximum predictive power from their data. Engine is a cost-effective way to harness the power of the world's best data scientists.

The community

Who solves the problems?

Our vibrant community comprises experts from many quantitative fields and industries (science, statistics, econometrics, math, physics). They come from over 100 countries and 200 universities

The solution

How are the problems solved?

In total, participants invest hundreds of hours in exploring the potential solution space. Teams constantly challenge each other and leapfrog the high score until the competition deadline.

Featured challenges

Machine learning challenges for education, research, and industry.