The Role of the Terms of Use

  1. The following Terms of Use describe the purpose of the SciCup platform (, your obligations and responsibilities, the privacy policy and other important aspects. When saying “you” we either mean you as a legal entity (organization that is organizing a challenge) or an individual who is using the platform as guest or participant.

  2. If you are using SciCup platform in any way, it means that you are accepting these Terms of Use. This does apply also if you did not create an account. If you are not accepting the following Terms of Use, you are requested to stop using the service.

  3. The Terms of Use can periodically change. The reasons for changing the Terms of Use can be of internal (e.g. adding new functionalities) or external cause (regulations change). All registered users will receive a notification by e-mail about the change and its impact and it is up to them to review new Terms of Use and decide whether they still want to use the service. Not registered users are requested to check this webpage periodically in order to find out whether new Terms of Uses were published. If new Terms of Use are not accepted by you, please stop using the SciCup platform and delete your account if you had any.

The Purpose of the SciCup Platform

  1. The purpose of the SciCup platform is to facilitate the cooperation between people interested in data science and all organizations that are willing to publish scientific challenges based on the data they are owners of (companies, governments, NGOs and others). These challenges are published online on the SciCup platform website and all users having an account are invited to be part of the challenge by proposing their own solutions for a given problem.

  2. Our goal is to support small and medium organizations and companies with the support of the scientific community. As a result these organizations can potentially become more innovative.

Participating in the Challenges

  1. The participation in the contests is free.

  2. As an individual you are allowed to have only one individual account. Having more accounts is strictly prohibited and when it will be proven by SciCup team, all suspected accounts will be blocked.

  3. When registering you are required to provide us with valid e-mail address in order to get in touch with you. E-mail is the official individual communication channel between SciCup team and participants. When using other communication channels please do not consider the message as delivered or read by SciCup team. This applies especially to any disputes regarding the challenges.

  4. Before taking part in any challenge please review its description carefully, since following the rules of the challenge (and these Terms of Use) is obligatory in order to be qualified as winner or finalist of the challenge (apart from providing a solution of the challenge that ranks you as winner or finalist of the challenge).

  5. Formally you become the participant of the challenge at the moment of submitting your first solution for it – this status cannot be revoked, even if you remove your account.

  6. All solutions have to be submitted before the deadlines described in the contest description. Submitting the solution after the deadline gives that particular solution status invalid and your best solution submitted within the valid dates of the contest is being considered for final ranking.

  7. When submitting the solution, you are confirming that you are not breaking any law or regulations that might harm third parties, especially in terms of intellectual property rights. You take sole responsibility in case of violating any of the above mentioned regulations.

  8. You have the opportunity to submit your solutions as frequently as you want during the contest. Yet, it will be evaluated strictly following the rules of a given contest. That means that it might happen that not every solution submitted by you will be evaluated, for instance in the case where there is a limitation on the number of submissions in a given time period or other restrictions apply. Yet, you are able to track the status of the evaluation of submissions online and react appropriately.

  9. All finalists of the challenges i.e. all the participants that are ranked within the TOP X places where X means the number of prizes in a given contest are required to provide SciCup team a reproducible and self-contained code that led to obtaining the data submitted and evaluated resulting with a top position in the rank. The solution has to be delivered as source code and compiled version (if it has to be compiled). After internal evaluation by the SciCup team and confirming the reproducibility of results the code will be made public and published on the webpage of the challenge and on SciCup GitHub repository at the day of publishing the results. SciCup team will be contacting all the finalists by email to do so. The solution has to work on any of those platforms: Microsoft Windows® or Linux® (any flavor) - on x86 or x64 machines or IBM AIX® on Power Systems™. If you are using GPGPU, your code has to be compatible with NVIDIA® CUDA™.

  10. If you will not deliver the code mentioned above, won’t reply on the email from SciCup team asking you to do so or the code will not produce the submission file correctly, your solution will be disqualified and the next ranked participant will be placed on your position.

  11. The winners of those challenges are typically rewarded. The prizes are described on the webpage of the contest. In some countries these rewards can be subject to deduction. You are obligated to follow the regulations of your country.

  12. In each case it is clearly written who offers the reward – SciCup or the organization that provides data. This entity is then responsible for taking care of its tax duties following the regulations in the country of origin.

Organizing Challenges

  1. If you are an entity interested in organizing the challenge on SciCup platform, please contact us using email (

  2. We encourage you to contact us on the early stage of your concept – we will help you to organize the challenge in the way that is most appropriate for this sort of platforms. Each challenge requires a signed written agreement between SciCup and its organizer containing all the details of the challenge.

  3. When the challenge will be put online, its most crucial parts (timing, prizes, data files, evaluation criteria etc.) cannot change. Only subtle language corrections are allowed that do not have any impact on the challenge regulations.

  4. The organizer of the challenge together with the SciCup team prepare a written list of people on both sides who cannot participate in the challenge. Moreover, the challenge organizer is prohibited of sharing any data that leads to having higher chances of winning to anyone. If such an attempt will be discovered, SciCup has the right to either disqualify suspected participants, to put the contest on hold in order to clear any doubts or cancel the contest.

  5. The organizer of the contest is responsible for allowing the finalists to get their prizes. The lists of finalists and their email addresses will be provided to the organizer by the SciCup team at the date of publishing official results.

  6. The organizer of the contest has no right to cancel the contests without any significant reasons. Moreover, if the organizer will try to avoid giving prizes to participants, it has to be conscious that it takes legal responsibility for this action and finalists (supported by SciCup team) may use all legal means.


  1. When registering in the SciCup platform, you agree that we are about to store and process all the data you provided to us. Moreover, if any additional data will be found in the submission, we are allowed to store and process it as well. A subset of the data is public, namely your bio, achievements, name, location, skills, links to social media account, account creation date and information about your position in challenges (if you provided any data about it or have any achievements in contests).

  2. The data will be only used in order to: create and manage your account, contact you regarding the contests and to deliver SciCup platform news.

  3. When you become the official finalist of one of the challenges, you agree that your email address and name will be provided to the organizer of the contest in order to contact you and deliver the reward.

  4. We won’t share this data with anyone else and will do our best in order to keep it secure.

  5. If you are especially careful about privacy, you can use GPG when contacting us. If you want us to contact you using GPG, please provide us with the public GPG key.

  6. SciCup platform website might use cookies. If you are using the platform, it means that you accept the use of cookies.

SciCup Platform Creators

  1. The SciCup platform is led by a group of researchers from Wrocław University of Science and Technology (Wrocław, Poland), yet it is not a formal or legal part of the university.

  2. The leader of the project is ...


  1. The platform has been supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, Coordination and Support Action, Grant Agreement Number 316097, ENGINE - European research centre of Network intelliGence for INnovation Enhancement (

Contacting us

  1. If you want to contact us, please use the official email address:

  2. The GPG key for encrypting correspondence is available here: ... and has the following fingerprint: B410 AC28 FFE5 D369 7CC2 54F2 FFFB E129 0998 CF27

  3. When contacting us, please use either English of Polish.

  4. Official social media channels of the SciCup platform are the following:

  5. Official GitHub account is GitHub is used for publishing the code of the finalists of the challenges and tracking issues found on the webpage.

Last but not Least

  1. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

  2. If you found some bugs on the webpage, please create an issue here: or contact us by email.

  3. Enjoy using the SciCup platform!

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